Digitally.Online is Your Digital Dashboard

  • Digitally.Online empowers you with relevant information about the performance of your practice. It avoids the information clutter and overload that you as a physician are continuously subjected to every day! It comes with a smooth design that is easy on the eye and intuitive to use. Digitally.Online is Allyhealth Solution’s way of delivering on its commitment to leveraging technology to drive best business outcomes for your practice.
  • Digitally.Online has been designed to pack further punch by enabling seamless collaboration with you and your front office personnel. Its features draw your attention to pending work items with you or your front office at any time. These pending work items have stalled claim progress, and unless prompt responses are provided from your end, they may end up being denied. Additionally, it takes collaboration a notch higher by enabling a chat functionality with Digitally team to resolve queries easily.